Mission Statement

  To preserve and present a free publicly accessible heritage   

  park as an outdoor museum for all ages to explore and enjoy, 

  and to provide an educational experience that includes

  historical, cultural and environmental aspects as well as the 

  unique legacy of Douglas M. Stahlman.

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While you are in Brookville, Visit the

Jefferson County History Center

172Main Street

(814) 849-0077

Guided Walking Tours available from May through September for groups of 10+ by prior arrangement. Contact the Jefferson County Historical Society: 814-849-0077.  A group donation is expected.

Keep watch here for monthly special Saturday afternoon themed educational programs for Adults and Kids. 

The park is open. 

JCHS Heritage Park 

The Scripture Rocks

Welcome to the Scripture Rocks Heritage Park website! Here, you can find all that you need to know about the park, the rocks, and the man behind the madness.