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Make a Discovery?

If you find a previously unrecorded rock, we invite you to record

it by clicking the link below.  Please try to take a photo and be sure

to provide your contact information. After verifying,

we will list the new addition and you as the discoverer.


 The Rock Inventory

The Scripture Rocks are found as groups of rocks along the hillsides around the town of Brookville.  Some are as far as 2 1/2 miles from the town center.  Most are within wooded areas where sandstone cliffs and large boulders are abundant on the surface. Most often they are positioned along paths, old roadways and the railroad where they are likely to have been seen by casual visitors, but sometimes such as at Look Out Point they are precariously located where only the brave would dare go.

Below are links to each of the designated areas with descriptions, photos and GPS coordinates of the known rocks. We know there are still more waiting to be found and the Purse, Victories and Heritage rocks are important in his writing with whereabouts unknown.

If you are planning on visiting any of these sites please remember that they are on private property and respect the landowner's rights and wishes. Please adhere to the following conduct when visiting any of these sites. 

  1. Do not enter posted private property without permission
  2. Treat the site with respect 
  3. Be green and take out what you bring in - NO LITTERING
  4. Never use permanent materials such as paint or crayons to make the inscriptions more visible.   We recommend a soft carpenters chalk if you must use something.
  5. Do NOT deface the rocks with new carvings or rework the originals 
  6. Do not attempt to make castings of any kind

Please Help Preserve the Scripture Rocks for the Future

Recorded Rock Locations