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Pollinator Pond

The Native Plant - Pollinator Pond Habitat and Educational Staging Center is our most recent project at the park. Transforming a required drainage pond into a pollinator's oasis; complete with information panels and signage along with picnic tables and a small ADA accessible dock to view the pond wildlife. 

Time Lapse Photos

We've added a new and fun feature at Scripture Rocks Park! Chronolog is a company that specializes in a monitoring tool used by parks, wildlife organizations, schools, museums, and nature centers across the world. The primary mission of this project is to engage people with nature along with record phenological changes at the pond. 

While visiting the park, be sure to submit your photo from the Photo Station and help us monitor changes. Check out photos submitted by other guests. Click here to learn more about the Chronolog Time Lapse Project.

PA Museums Special Achievement Award

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Award PA Museum.jpg

Our most recent award received is from PA Museums for our new ADA accessible Native Plant - Pollinator Pond Habitat and Educational Staging Center. We were invited to attend their 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference to give a presentation on the the park and this project.

One of our initial goals was to make this project into an educational program available to schools and organizations. May 2021 was our first Pollinator Ecology program hosting the Brookville 4th graders. May 2022 was our second year hosting the Brookville 4th grade class.

We added the Chronolog this year to document the changes in plant growth and weather.

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