The Rock Book

  Much of what is known about Douglas Stahlman's life comes directly from his   manuscript titled The Dedicated Rocks.

  His writing begins with a short introduction followed by 19 handwritten chapters   contained in 7 composition notebooks archived in the collections of the Jefferson   County History Center. Only the first eighteen chapters are complete and the balance   of chapter 19 appears to be missing from the set. It is unknown how many chapters   he actually completed or intended or where the missing books might reside or if they   still exist.


  Here we present scans of the original 7 books so you can read his story in his own   handwriting. A full transcription is included in the JCHS publication Douglas Stahlman,

 Why He Carved His Legacy in Stone.



The Rock Book

The Publication

  In our publication, The Scripture Rocks; Why Douglas Stahlman Carved His Legacy in   Stone, we were able to  research materials, newspaper accounts, hospital records and   information relating to Douglas Stahlman filling in many of the historical gaps and both   verifying and refuting some of the many local legends that abound about this man and his   engraved stones.

  The book is intended to be a historically

  accurate account of his life and is intended to

  preserve a record of his work without bias for or

  against his chosen lifestyle. 

​  This publication won a National Award in 2016

  which was presented by the American Association

​  of State and Local History.